Recently, the anabolic steroid, which muscle building athletes intentionally “consume” and introduced to other muscle building enthusiasts, has begun to make its name known. Although it was previously known as a food supplement that doctors recommend to patients who have been exposed to the Aids and HIV virus as a food supplement, it has also become an ideal supplement for athletes who do not want to wait to develop their muscles.

However, anabolic steroid, which is used unconsciously and has a great effect on male hormones, also becomes harmful in overuse. He is warned by his experts on the grounds that it causes bad results in careless and unattended use. So what vitamins are there in an anabolic steroid, an effective food supplement?


It is an antioxidant and an immune-boosting vitamin C contained within the steroid. It also kills chronic diseases by fighting chemical substances in the body. This vitamin strengthens muscle and bone cells, providing muscle building step by step.


Vitamin B1, which is also available in almost all supplements, is a type that muscle builders must use. First of all, it accelerates metabolism and provides acceleration and control in the red blood cells. It will help you build muscle by consciously using this vitamin during workouts.


This vitamin, which powers 3 important energy centers that function in the body, provides a cycle of hydrogen ion, which is very important for athletes, and paves the way for a healthy sports process.


Vitamin A, which is ignored by bodybuilders, plays a balancing role on thin and sensitive areas such as nerve cells.

The duties of vitamin A;

Glucose production, which is important in bodybuilding
Performs protein synthesis
It is inconvenient to use on sports days
With these functions, vitamin A has an intense effect on muscle cells as well as being active on other organs in the body.


Is vitamin E effective only on hair follicles or skin? Of course, the effect of this miraculous vitamin is not limited to these regions. Vitamin E, which acts as the protection of cells, is also known for its regeneration on muscle cells.


Zinc, which has the biggest and strongest effect on the blood, cannot be produced by the body and must be taken from animal foods. This vitamin increases sexual performance and prevents skin dryness and weak fall. However, in excess use, it creates a tumor by opening the way of carcinogenic substances on the cell. When using zinc, athletes should be very careful and minimize consumption of animal foods and nuts while taking supplements.

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