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Description Male athletes and bodybuilders can see some nice gains from Anavar but it is 2 times more effective for females. It is even called a “girly” steroid since it is so great for them. You can compare anavar for women and testosterone for men. Great benefits with almost no down side. In no time, […]



Male athletes and bodybuilders can see some nice gains from Anavar but it is 2 times more effective for females.
It is even called a “girly” steroid since it is so great for them.
You can compare anavar for women and testosterone for men. Great benefits with almost no down side.
In no time, Anavar became the most widely used steroid for females. Whether you are an athlete, bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast you will benefit significantly.

Anavar for women

Women cannot use different steroids like men can as they have a gentle physique. Steroids will cause various side effect which are better to be avoided.
The number one side effects that every woman wants to avoid is the development of masculine characteristics. Those side effects will crush woman’s femininity.
This means that they have to be extra careful when picking a steroid and luckily Anavar is one of those steroids since it is mild in nature.
If women take the drug responsibly, virilization won’t take place.
Most of your goals and desires will be fulfilled by taking Anavar. With a proper dosage your muscles will grow in size and strength.
As the result of fat burn and weight loss, your body will look leaner.

Anavar results for females

During dieting your lean mass is preserved thanks to Anavar. Normally you would lose strength but not in this case.  Your strength is even increased which allows you to have better trainings.
Maintaining muscles means that the metabolism will burn fat at faster rate. High metabolism rate is a result of muscles and lean tissue.
Most of female athletes want to have a better physique and Oxandrolone will come in handy.
The more lean the body gets the more solid the physique will be. There are those who will satisfy themselves with only being fit which means that you don’t have to spend extra time building a hard solid physique.
Since athletes want to have that hard solid physique, they will need help from Oxandrolone.

Anavar women reviews

During off-season there is only thing to do, to increase lean mass.
Some think that its mild nature makes it useless for men but that is not true.
At low doses it will most likely be useless to them but on higher doses it is a different story. Most men will go with different anabolic steroid since there are those who are more effective. But Anavar is the safest steroid and that is a crucial thing.
Women will require smaller doses due to them being gentle in nature. What is even better is that they will end up with better results than men on higher doses.
Oxandrolone results peak when it is combined with dieting and work out.
There are plenty of steroids available that enhance performance but this one is the most preferable by women and the most woman-friendly steroid.
They will have more trouble losing fat than men as women accumulate subcutaneous fat instead of visceral fat which stays unnoticeable.
What is an issue with losing fat is that you will end up losing lean mass which is not preferable. You want to lose body fat and not lean muscle mass.
Losing muscle results in slower metabolism. It is well known that muscles burn fat faster than fat.
Anavar is so great because it protects lean muscles during caloric deficit and metabolic rate is increased.
Using Oxandrolone you will be able to burn fat at higher rate. Your appearance will change and get more muscular and pleasing to eyes look.
Just to be clear we don’t say that women won’t be able to do anything on their own without Oxandrolone but rather this will help them achieve even more.

Anavar dosage and cycle for women

To get the most of it, you must have a proper cycle. It is important to avoid advance cycles, if you have never used steroids before. This is why we will show you one that is for beginners.
Week 1-8 10mg of anavar a day.
Week 1 – 20mg of clenbuterol a day, each week you increase the dosage by 20mg until you reach 8th week and 100mg a day.
Week 5-8 10mg of nolvadex a day.
During the off-season you won’t need nolvadex or clenbuterol.
Extra calories are recommended if your goal is growth.
Recommend cycle lengths
Daily dosage of 10-20mg is more than enough for women. Anything more than that and it will cause more harm than good. 20mg is a daily limit for women.
Yes, Anavar is a mild steroid but it can still cause damage on doses higher than recommended.
Start with a daily dose of 10mg and see how it goes. It will be enough for most women but take your time before increasing the dose.
During the course, pay more attention to your body. See how it reacts and if you notice any major changes, cease the usage.

Women side effects

Anavar like the rest of anabolic steroids can cause side effects. Side effects mostly don’t differ among steroids but each one has a different probability.
If it is known that a steroid will cause certain side effects, that doesn’t guarantee that they will happen.
When we talk about Anavar and its side effects, most people are not concern and there is a good reason. All you have to do is to use it responsibly and most likely nothing bad will happen.
By increasing the dose, the potential for side effects increases. This makes it very popular among female athletes as they don’t need high doses.
Virilization is the most common side effects of anabolic steroids. This means that you will get masculine characteristics such as voice deepening, swelling, enlarged clitoris and body hair.
Woman’s femininity will be in danger.
These side effects are a result of using the steroid for longer period of time and higher doses than recommended.
At high doses, Anavar will suppress the production of testosterone while this is not the case at low doses.
Moreover, it adds additional stress to your liver.


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