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Anavar is most certanly one of the best anabolic steroids available today. It is even better when the steroid stacks with something else. When you compare it to other anabolics, it very gentle and safe and people like to stack it for bigger improvements. So there are two possibilities. One is to stack is with […]


Anavar is most certanly one of the best anabolic steroids available today. It is even better when the steroid stacks with something else.
When you compare it to other anabolics, it very gentle and safe and people like to stack it for bigger improvements.
So there are two possibilities. One is to stack is with other steroids which is the most preferable method and the second is to get results with Anavar-only cycle.
By stacking two or more anabolic steroids you wil significantly improve the quality of the gains.

Top Anavar stacks

One of the best and most popular stacks is stacking Anavar with Testosterone. It is higly recommended for male athetes.
There is suppression of testosterone production with every anabolic steroid, but with anavar that suppression is not to the same degree.
You will improve the results of the cycle and counteract the suppression by just stacking it with Testosterone.
If you don’t know what is Testosterone, it is the most potent and versatile steroid.
This is not the only supplement you can use to stack it with Anavar. There are few more performance enhancers that will be mentioned.
Female athletes can stack Oxandrolone with other steroids as well but they don’t have as many options as men have due to their nature.
Female users that are trying steroids for the first time, will gain more than enough from just Anavar. On the other hand, men use it as just one part of a stack.
Normally women who got used to Anavar will try something new by adding specific steroid that will furthermore increase their performance.

Men Anavar Stacks

The perfect time for men who want to use Anavar is during off-season cycles.
Most of other steroids are worse choice for this purpose.
The whole point of off-season cycles is bulking up. Male athletes will get just enough gains in size to be satisfied.
Moreover, Anavar during cutting cycles is always a good part of the male athlete’s stack
During caloric deficit, your lean muscle mass is preserved and fat burning is promoted.
Cutting cycles can be run with only Anavar but most of men end up adding other anabolic steroids that will help them achieve great results
The list of supplements that can be stacked

  • Trenbolone of any kind
  • Masteron
  • Testosterone of any kind
  • Primobolan Depot in injectable form
  • Clenbuterol
  • Winstrol
  • HGH- Human Growth Hormone
  • Cytomel
  • Letrozole
  • Nolvadex

Anavar and Testosterone

Since Testosterone is considered to be a base of steroid cycles, it is an exceptional option for men who want to stack it with Anavar.
Like it has been previously said, Testosterone is the most versatile and potent anabolic steroid currently on the market. It will additionally enhance the cycles and recoup for the lack of Testosterone due to suppression.
To balance your testosterone levels, supplements such as Test Enanthate, Test Sustanon and Test Cypionate can be used.
Testosterone production stops due to suppression of HPGA – hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis.
If you have been experiencing issues such as lack of energy and low libido, Testosterone will help you with that.
This is important because in the long run, your health and results will be better.

Anavar and Dianabol

Dianabol as a bulking steroid is often add to Anavar cycle.
The steroid is very efficient in adding muscle mass and eight gain while ensuring a more complete cycle when in the combination with Anavar.
So how do professional bodybuilders and athletes take these cycle? The total length of Anavar-Dianabol cycle should not exceed 12 weeks. First 4 weeks of the cycle are solely for Dianabol and 6 more weeks just for Anavar.
This is more toxic to the liver and some actions to reduce the buildup of toxicity, need to be taken in count.  There is a possibility of taking liver protection drugs such as Tamoxifen.

Anavar and Proviron

The reason why this Anavar stack is well used is because Proviron assists in maintaining the sexual drive.  We all know that the natural production of Testosterone is reduced hence a decrease in the sexual drive.
One advantage of Proviron over other anabolic steroids is increased energy and passion. This is important because your workout and training will go to the next level which leads to better results.
Due to a short Anavar’s half-life of 8-12 hours, the total daily dose should be split in two and taken once in the morning and once in the nighttime. The better the stacking is, the better results will be.

Women stacks

Men can only get little benefit from using Anavar for bulking during off-season.On the other hand, women actually find it very useful.
Women won’t gain huge increase in muscle mass since this is not the steroid with bulking properties.
But due to their sensitivity to the hormones, they will experience great results in terms of lean muscle mass.
Even during the cutting cycles, female athletes will experience greater results than male.
Who would have thought that just one supplement such as this one can affect someone’s success. Taking the physique from one that is barely attractive to one that is truly stunning.
Anavar is an anabolic steroid and should be taken with caution, even if it is the mildest among the all steroids, which it is.
Recommended doses will help you avoid virilization as one of the side effects, refers to the appearance of masculine characteristics in women. With recommended doses you will most certainly avoid it since it is not frequent with Anavar.

The possibility of side effects is not that big but if you notice issues such as growth of hair in unwanted places, voice deepening or something similar to those, immediately cease the usage.
If the usage is stopped on time, those side effects will diminish. The longer it takes you to stop, the higher the risk that those become permanent.
This should not scare you away from trying this steroid because if you take proper doses, follow the cycle and avoid abusing them, everything should be just fine.


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